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Primate in vitro solutions for safer drugs

Leveraging primate in vitro models to complement human in vitro systems, and to reduce animal use in drug testing 

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At the March 2024 Society of Toxicology (SOT) meeting, Exir Bio presented how it is changing the way the industry handles primate use for drug efficacy and safety testing.  

If you missed the presentation, you can still receive it here!

Bridging the gap between human and mouse

Exir Bio's proprietary technology uses primate stem cells to create reproducible, ethical, and clinically relevant preclinical testing solutions.

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Cutting Edge

Exir Bio’s primate in vitro models facilitate drug testing and complement human in vitro data 


NHP in vitro models narrow down drug candidates and provide a quick readout prior to expensive drug testing in primates in vivo 

Image by National Cancer Institute
Image by Ivars Utināns


Improve research ethics by replacing, reducing, and refining the use of animals

Building the future of biomedical research

We pioneered primate in vitro technology that harnesses primate stem cells, primary cells and stem cell-derived cells/tissues, paving the way for enhanced nonclinical drug safety screening in vitro. 


increase in per-monkey acquisition cost since 2019

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“Attitudes towards experimenting on monkeys are diverging. Many countries are growing warier, even as China races ahead.”

The Economist, July 2021

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